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Vae Victis - Khan is a very NSFW game. Its protagonist is a complete bastard who doesn't hesitate to sexually abuse and exploit other people but you will (almost) always have the option to choose a mild (yet highly erotic) path as well. There is no gore or blood during the sexual scenes of the game but other than that Karder can be a total sadist.

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Nits - Music Composer

Starting his journey as a child, Nits grew up playing and listening to classics such as Banjo Kazooie, and Legend of Zelda.He later discovered naughty games from websites like Newgrounds.The legendary games he played and music he heard shaped his passions and turned his energy towards contributing to the games, not just enjoying them.Nits is living his childhood dream by composing music for today's game developers.


Discord: Sanityzer#4697